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We Offer Water Damage Warranty!


How It Works?

Cell Phone Waterproof Coating Machine

Liquiseal cell phone waterproof coating technology is the best waterproof solution for your phone.  

Your smart device is placed into our unique machine, creating a vacuum seal. Once sealed, our proprietary nano formula is dispersed into each chamber creating a hydrophobic layer of nano-film around the internal electronic components. 

Our nano coating is 12 times smaller than the human hair. This protective layer protects your device from accidental water damage and even temporary submersion and will not change the aesthetics of the device.

The Liquiseal treatment will provide an IPX7 rating that can withstand up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes. The treatment does not affect watermarks. Our treatment can be done under 5 minutes.



The Only One Offers Water Damage Warranty On Your Phone!


All Waterproof Phones Need Liquiseal

Coating to Stay Waterproof After Repair

iPhone and Samsung made their phone waterproof by seamless sealing the rim using adhesives, each time repair shops replace parts or open up the phone, the waterproof seal will be ruined


Proven Financial Success in Over 100 Stores


30% of the people have had

water damage with their cell phones


90% profit margin


over 500% return on your investment


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