Cell Phone Waterproof Coating Machine

Cell Phone Waterproof Coating Machine

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Why Liquiseal

The concept of waterproof phones gained popularity among consumers since Apple and Samsung introduced their new waterproof product series.

Customers started realizing that cell phones could actually be made waterproof. However, there are still some issues regarding those waterproof features that remain to be addressed.


1.  What happens if those waterproof phones get water damaged?

2.  Does repair void the waterproof feature?

According to market statistics, 45% of consumers will accidentally damage their phone. 28% of consumers drop their phone into liquid, and 8% spill liquid onto their device causing the dreaded “water damage” claim.

What will happen if consumers drop their waterproof phones in water and their phones get water damaged? What will happen if repair shops replace the original screen or parts ? The truth is, even Apple and Samsung claim their products to be waterproof, none of them include water damage in their warranty program, which means if your WATERPROOF cell phones get water damaged, Apple and Samsung won’t cover it.

Does repair void the waterproof feature?

Apple and Samsung made their cell phones waterproof by seamlessly sealing their products so that water couldn’t get inside the cell phone. However, since 45% of consumers will replace their broken screen or parts, the seal will not be as tight as it came out of the manufacture after repair shops replace the screen or parts, thus voiding the waterproof feature.

Liquiseal addresses the issue regarding the waterproof feature of those products and differentiate our service through the following ways:

  1. Apply a seamless Nano-coating inside the cell phone so that the motherboard could be well protected even water does get inside of the phone;
  2. Offering customers 365 days water damage warranty. ( For more info about Liquiseal, Please contact us at info@300concepts.com.

We have had the Liquiseal machine in the market since the beginning of 2016 and our partners have coated over 3000 device, only one consumer came back to us and filed a claim with a water damaged screen, a percentage of damage of only 0.05%.In summary, Liquiseal will revolutionize the concept of “waterproof” for cell phones and offer consumers the best waterproof cell phone use experience.



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